Our Professional Writers are where Hemera sets itself apart from the competition.

Website content for visitor engagement and search engine optimization.

Professional Content Creation

Add more value to your marketing content and increase sales, convert more visitors and grow your business. Well-written content attracts visitors and potential customers. It invites them to call or email the company for more information and schedule a service or order a product. For websites that use pay-per-click advertising or sell advertising space, good content can mean an increase passive income.

Company employees and non-professional writers typically do not have the time, experience or knowledge to craft a high-quality article, which is why Hemera employs professional content writers for your articles, web content, blog and social media posts.


We write constantly and consistently on a wide variety of topics, and we are constantly expanding our areas of expertise. Our writers periodically review grammar and punctuation rules, and attend writing seminars to further perfect their craft.


Our writers work together with owners, marketing personnel and others within your organization to ensure a proper and accurate representation of the company Brand. They are not afraid to get clarification on the article directions or the topic, and they provide timely responses to client questions.


Great content starts with accurate and relevant information. At Hemera our professional content writers research every article, regardless of how many articles they have written on the particular topic. They do this to refresh their memories, locate new information, ensure the content is up-to-date and determine new ways to present the material. They also provide reference links so the client can see where the information originated.

High-Quality Content

The days of poorly written articles and web pages ranking high in search engine results are over. Search engine web crawlers now check to make sure the content is written well and free of blatant grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Our professional content writers are experts in multiple punctuation styles, including MLA, APA and Modified APA.


All writing for the web should contain good SEO structure and keywords, and those keywords should make sense in the text when read by a human reader. Our writers can determine high-ranking keywords that relate to the topic of the article, and they check the ranking of those keywords via keyword ranking software. They also check to make sure each keyword or phrase does not constitute more than three percent of the total words in the article.


Hemera writers avoid fluff. They do not make generic statements, and they avoid common and clichéd phrases. They also edit their work to ensure it’s informative, engaging and adds value.


Advertising and successfully attracting the right types of webpage visitors, potential clients and new customer’s means gearing the article towards the right demographic.


We understand the importance of adhering to a deadline. Our writers know how long they need to research, write, edit and double-check an article in all areas.

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